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Why can't I find data for my area?

This article explains how to check if your area subscribes to our community tools, and points you to the next-best option if you can't find data for the place you're researching.

Our online tools are commissioned by 300+ councils and regional authorities across Australia and New Zealand, but they're not available everywhere.

When we talk about our 'tools' or 'resources, we're takling about our;

If you're looking for a place that doesn't subscribe to .id's resources, you may still be able to find the data you're looking for.

How can I tell if an .id page is available in my area?

The quickest way to search all the places (local government areas and the small areas within them) is to search using the community search bar within an existing community profile:





Data from other providers

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS)

The ABS makes a comprehensive collection covering all parts of Australia. Search for your place using ABS quickstats.

Statistics New Zealand

Similarly, if you're in New Zealand, find demographic data about your area via the Statistics New Zealand homepage.

Other independent providers

Some councils subscribe to resources from other providers. Google 'demographic profile for <your area>' and you should find any resources that are publicly available.

Similarly, search 'economic profile for ___________' or 'population forecast for _______' to find those tools.

Contact your council or regional authority

If you can't find what you're looking for, contact your local council and ask for their information services team.

In some areas, regional authorities such as Regional Devleopment Australia (RDA) or Regional Organisations of Councils (eg. SSROC - The Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils) may help you find data for a wider area.

Other national resources

If you don't need data at a local level, check out some of .id's other public resources via our demographic resources centre, including;

Why does one profile have data that is missing in another?

As our online resources are commissioned by individual councils and regional authorities, the data modules included in each profile are sometimes customised to reflect the makeup of the local community.

While some modules are standard across all our profiles (such as the area profiles in profile.id), the availability of other modules varies between profile, such as Communities of Interest in profile.id or economic impact calculators in economy.id