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Can I reproduce information from .id's website and how do I reference the source?

We encourage you to share information from our published websites. The following article provides an example of how to reference that information.

You are permitted to download and use content from our website provided the following conditions are satisfied:
  • Where you replicate in whole or in part our website content (“the replicated work”) you must include an Attribution Notice in the document or other medium where the replicated work is published. The Attribution Notice must be published with the replicated work in a place where it can be clearly located and viewed by any reader or observer of the replicated work.
  • The Attribution Notice must clearly show:

(a)   .id’s authorship of the replicated work, using the wording:

‘This material was compiled and presented by .id (informed decisions). https://id.com.au

(b)   that the replicated work is a derivative of ABS Data by inserting the wording:

“This material is a derivative of ABS Data that can be accessed from the website of the Australian Bureau of Statistics at www.abs.gov.au, and which data can be licensed on terms published on the ABS website.“

(c)    that any replicated Map Data or other trademarked third party data belongs to the named owner or licensor.  Any replication must comply with product terms of use published by Google Inc, Microsoft Corporation Inc, Here North America LLC or other relevant third party.

You must include any relevant copyright symbol, trademark (registered or otherwise) or other proprietary content notice with any replicated work.

For more information read our full terms of use.