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Where can I find data about building approvals?

You can find building approvals data for your local government area in under the 'Post-Census updates' section and in under the 'Economic indicators' section.

Building Approvals data are sourced from the ABS, and originally provided by local councils and third party organisations who approve new developments.

Building approvals data in

Building approvals data can be found in our community profiles,, under the “Post-Census updates” section.

Building approvals

These are updated approximately quarterly, and include the NUMBER of dwelling units approved (broken into houses and other). In this case, a block of 50 apartments would count as 50 in the data.

Building approvals data in

You can also find building approvals data in our economic profiles,, under the ‘Economic Indicators” section. Here, they are shown by the value of approval (in millions of $).

building apps

These are broken into residential and non-residential approvals. The same block of 50 apartments would appear in this dataset as the value which is approved for construction (eg. $10 million).

Both these datasets are shown for the Local Government Area or region level on the site. More detailed building approvals data including a breakdown of location, dwelling structure and type of non-residential building, can be sourced from the ABS.