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Data about refugees or people on Humanitarian visas

Our community profiles don't currently include data about refugee/humanitarian status, but that information is collected by the ABS.

Question from .id user:

I have been trying my hand at gathering Australia-wide ABS census data about Refugees/people on the Humanitarian visa stream by ‘Occupation’ under ‘Health Professional’ and the ‘Industry’ of ‘Healthcare and Social Assistance’… However I can’t locate any further detail. Is there a data set that goes further to look at Refugees/Humanitarian visa that are Registered Nurses ? I can’t seem to find.

Answer (Glenn, our Census expert):

The Census doesn’t collect information about refugee/humanitarian status. It is part of the settlement arrivals database collected by the Department of Home Affairs. The ABS does have a 5% sample dataset from the Census called the “Census and Migrants” dataset which attempts to link these records to Census records, so you can get crosstabs of the variables related to the visa status.

We have access to this, and could potentially provide a quote for some analysis if you can outline exactly what you’re after. There is a cost involved with this. And it would only be at the national level, due to being a sample rather than the full dataset.

If you need this information, contact our consulting team here for a quote.